Rating Students in the Interpersonal Mode

Andrea Van Vorhis
almost 4 years agoNovember 6, 2018
Due to the inherent limitations of online courses, I am still not sure how to ensure that students' conversations with one another are "spontaneous."  When I listen to their partner dialogues, I suspect many of them are scripted and/or rehearsed.  Any suggestions? Thanks!
Megan Budke
almost 4 years agoNovember 21, 2018
Hi Andrea:

What a great question! I'm curious if your students physically together when recording their dialogues or if they are recording their dialogues virtually (not face-to-face).  One of the ways that helps keep it spontaneous is if they don't know who their partner is ahead of time.  So if you are teaching them virtually, but the students are physically together, I would recommend not telling them who their partner is until it's time for each pair to record.  Or you could tell them all at once and require all students to record at once.  If all students are virtual, could you try not revealing who their partner is until it's time to record their conversation?  And then require students to record within 10 minutes of posting the partners, or whatever timeline works well.  Lastly, another good idea is that the interpersonal mode can be written as well, as long as there is spontaneous 2-way communication.  I've seen teachers successfully assign students to text each other using a Google Doc as a way to carry out the conversation.  Again, the students' partner is not revealed until it's time for the assessment.  You could post the partners at the time of assessing and each pair could then communicate via Google Doc (which they share with you), or you could share a Google document with each pair at the time of assessing.  Let me know if you have further questions!
Laje Gashi
almost 4 years agoNovember 12, 2018
do we get PD credits for accessing recorded webinars?
Nicola Houston
almost 4 years agoNovember 12, 2018
For certificates of attendance, please email Webinars@vistahigherlearning.com
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