Interpretive Mode: Increasing Critical Reading Skills_4-23-2018

about 2 years agoApril 25, 2018
Great presentation. Thank you very much!
about 2 years agoApril 25, 2018
Great Ideas for teaching English also!  Changing modes is very helpful.  Thank you.
about 2 years agoApril 26, 2018
Thank you for such a motivating presentation. I particularly liked the idea using the  playdough activity and the link the the Temas FB group.
Guadalupe Solis
almost 2 years agoJuly 11, 2018
Thanks for the information in this web presentation. Good strategies for AP Spanish.
over 1 year agoSeptember 20, 2018
Loved the play-do activity and the notion that nerves are lessened while the students  perform.  Thanks for reminder that busy hands relax the students
over 1 year agoOctober 1, 2018
Thank you!
Asima Saad Maura
over 1 year agoOctober 9, 2018
Great explanation, thank you! Great for Spanish at university level too! I also loved the play-doh and the use of graphs and diagrams, including "who-what-where-when". Couldn't agree more with the importance of introducing high-school students to literary analysis. 
I do my best (meaning that I sometimes work harder than I would like) to write questions and instructions with as many cognates as possible, to help students understand more easily. Also, whenever I use True-False, students must explain the false ones in complete sentences (changing one word is not enough). 
In short, excellent and inspiring presentation, thanks!
9 months agoSeptember 19, 2019

9 months agoSeptember 19, 2019

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