Every Day's an IPA - 3/9/2017

Alexandra Fortin
about 3 years agoMay 9, 2017
We are a close mind and the students do not want to learn a second language. They are just taking the language because colleges require to take certain amount of years
Alexandra Fortin
about 3 years agoMay 9, 2017
How can I encourage students to speak the target language in the class as well outside of the classroom?
Gisela Cordero
over 1 year agoSeptember 23, 2018
Interesting thought. I am trying to get my students ready for yet, as I want them to reach the highest level of proficiency they can reach by the end of the year. However my school focuses on the now (a grade, a scantron test). I try to explain to them why our goals are different than math and science. But they don't get it. It is all about the points... a grade. Frustrating.
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