Connecting with Millennials in the World Languages Classroom - 04/11/2018

Rosalba La Rosa
about 2 years agoApril 13, 2018
I could not hear half of it!!  It was cut up every other word!  I was not able to hold on to anything.  The topic was so very interesting to me!  I have been a teacher for 34 years now and I have enjoyed my career, but definitely teaching in 2018 is quite different from teaching in 2005 or even just a few years back.  It's quite challenging!  I am sorry I was not able to attend it even though I was registered.  I had to attend a Funeral Home instead.  However, I appreciated the opportunity to follow you here and try to listen as a podcast.  I am sorry I could not hear it to its entirety.  Hopefully in the near future they will fix this problem.
Thank you so much anyway!

Rosalba La Rosa, Spanish Instructor
Lincoln Park High School, LP, Mi  
cell# 734-775-2667
Oscar Moreno
about 2 years agoApril 13, 2018
Great job, Devon. I could not participate in real time, but I am now (en diferido). It's been a busy day. This is a question (how to handle millennials) I havebeen asking myself for some time now. I haven't seen the whole webinar yet (I am a little millennial myself! --only about 30% of it), but you are already throwing in interesting comments... We'll finish during the week end. ¬°Un abrazo grande!
Yasmin Villuendas
about 2 years agoApril 14, 2018
I want to thank you for giving us the chance to access the webinar to those of us that could not participate during real time. This was a very interesting topic for me.
Roxana Gearhart
about 2 years agoApril 14, 2018
Devon, I agree with Oscar. You did a great job! Very interesting topic.
It is awesome to be able to watch the webinar now, since sometimes I don't finish with paperwork on time to attend live.
about 2 years agoApril 16, 2018
Thanks for the great vid and info!
over 1 year agoSeptember 21, 2018
Excellent presentation!
Sheryl Sunia
over 1 year agoOctober 10, 2018
Excellent presentation!  Is it possible to get a copy of the slides?
about 1 year agoMay 29, 2019
I am just now watching, and this was an amazing video.  I have bookmarked it so I can watch again later.  Thanks for sharing, and what a great presentation!!!
Bertha Rodriguez
12 months agoJune 8, 2019
I loved the presentation and I would love to share it to my colleague, how can I share the webpage?
Mayte Mora
11 months agoJuly 6, 2019
Excellent information
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